Pricing Summary


  Tabletop Candleholders  


29" Silver Candelabra

35.00 per


15" Silver / Gold Candelabra

17.50 per


9" Fountain Candlestick

2.50 per


38.5" Modern Candelabra 8.50 per
C6 6-arm Iron Table Candelabra 35.00 per
C11 30" Iron Feather Candelabra 25.00 per
C12 Iron Forjio Candelabra 25.00 per
C13 29" Gold Candelabra 35.00 per
C14 26" Crystal and Gold Candelabra 35.00 per
C15 Draped Candelabra 25.00 per
C16 35" Tall Leaf Candelabra 35.00 per
C18 10" & 12" Silver Candlestick Selection 2.50 per


36" Tall Silver Candlestick

12.50 per

C25 Tall Silver Candelabra with Bowl

25.00 per

C26 12"  Silver Candlestick

2.50 per


  Floor Candelabra & Hanging Chandeliers  
C7 Iron Aisle Candelabra

35.00 per

C8 Iron Floor Candelabra

35.00 per

C9 72" Gothic Candelabra

35.00 per

C19 Hanging Rust and Crystal Chandelier

35.00 per

C20 Hanging Iron Candelabra

25.00 per

C21 Webber Floor Candelabra 35.00 per
C22 Large Forjo Floor Candelabra 60.00 per
C23 Medium Forjo Floor Candelabra 40.00 per


  Centerpiece Containers  
CP1 23" Tall Silver Vase 8.50 per
CP4 8" Revere Bowl 7.50 per
CP6 9.75" Large Silver Chalice 12.50 per
CP7 Silver Pedestal Bowl 8.50 per
CP8 7.5" Silver Cups 6.50 per
CP9 6.5" Large Mint Julep Cups 6.50 per
CP11 Fountain Bowl 8.50 per
CP12 Gold Tabletop Urn 8.50 per
CP14 White Iron Centerpiece Container Assortment 8.50 per
CP15 Rust Iron Centerpiece Container Assortment 8.50 per
CP17 Large Embossed Silver Chalice 12.50 per
CP18 Medium Embossed Silver Chalice 10.50 per
CP20 8" Silver Rose Bowl 6.50 per
CP21 Large Embossed Urn 15.00 per
  Low Iron Urn 8.50 per
  Lattice Cake Pedestal 8.50 per


  Urns & Jardinières  
U2 Large Grape Urn 45.00 per
U3 Large Classic Urn 30.00 per
U4 Swirl Urn 25.00 per
U5 Ribbed Urn 25.00 per
U6 Sandstone Urn 15.00 per
U7 Large Wire Urn 30.00 per
U8 Large Cherub Urn 35.00 per
U10 Garland Urn 15.00 per
U11 Square Urn 20.00 per
U12 Large Rust Urn 65.00 per
U14 Medium Rust Urn 55.00 per
U15 Small Rust Urn 15.00 per
U17 Faux Stone Urn 25.00 per
U18 Faux Stone Ribbed Urn 20.00 per
U19 Cone Shaped Rust Garden Urn 35.00 per
U20 Black Torchiere 45.00 per
U21 Cone Shaped Silver Urn 15.00 per
U22 Round Silver Leafed Urn / Bowl 35.00 per
U23 Cherub Urn 25.00 per
U24 Wedding Urn Assortment 15.00 per
U25 Large Faux Stone Urn 20.00 per
U26 Bronze Urn 20.00 per
U27 Small Bronze Flourish Urn 25.00 per
U28 Large Gold Leafed Urn 25.00 per
U29 Small Gold Leafed Urn 15.00 per
U30 Mossed Iron Urn 35.00 per
U31 Large White Urn 25.00 per
U32 Large Bronze Flourish 35.00 per
U33 Stone & Lattice Urn 35.00 per
U34 Small Black Handled Urn 15.00 per
U35 Wicker Cube Vase 15.00 per
U36 Bronze Leaf Urn 15.00 per
U37 Twig Urn 15.00 per
U38 White Handled Urn 20.00 per


  Pedestals, Torchieres & Columns  
P1 Large Wire Column 35.00 per
  Medium Wire Column 22.50 per
  Small Wire Column 17.50 per
P2 Rusted Cube Shape Pedestal 15.00 per
P3 40" Green Lattice Pedestal 15.00 per
P4 Cream Ornate Pedestal 15.00 per
P5 Stone Pedestal 20.00 per
P6 Wedding Pedestal Ivory, Gold or Rust 15.00 per
P7 Large Pedestal 25.00 per
P8 Small Pedestal 25.00 per
P9 Wire Aisle Stand 15.00 per


Square Stone Pedestal

20.00 per


Fountain Stand

10.00 per


Cherub Torchiere

15.00 per


Three Graces Torchiere

8.50 per


Corkscrew Pedestal

20.00 per


Bronze Pedestal 25.00 per


Bird Iron Stand 10.00 per
P15 Wire Centerpiece Stand 8.50 per
P16 Tall Silver Centerpiece Stand 15.00 per
P17 Tall Wire Stand 10.00 per
P18 Wire Swirl Stand 10.00 per


White Column Pedestal

25.00 per


  Urn / Pedestal Sets  

U23 w/ P5

Cherub Urn with Stone Pedestal 40.00 per set

U31 w/ P20

Large White Urn with White Pedestal 45.00 per set
U26 w/ P13 Bronze Urn with Bronze Pedestal 40.00 set
U24 or U25 w/ P6 Small or Large Wedding Urn with Wedding Pedestal 30.00 per set
U18 w/ pedestal Ribbed Stone Urn with Pedestal 40.00 set
U25 w/ pedestal Large Stone Urn with Pedestal 40.00 set
U29 w/ P6 Large Gold Leafed Urn w/ Gold Wedding Pedestal 40.00 set
U6 w/ P12 Sandstone Urn with Corkscrew Pedestal 35.00 set
U33 w/ pedestal Stone & Lattice Urn with Pedestal 40.00 set

U22 w/ Pedestal

Large Silver Leafed Bowl with Matching Pedestal

45.00 set


  Specialty Items  
S1 Wire Gazebo 200.00 per
S2 Wire Arch 100.00 per
S7 Silver Wedding Cake Stands - Assorted 15.00 per
S8 Fleur de Lis Table Card Holder 2.50 per
S10 Wire Table Card Holder 2.50 per
  Chuppa 250.00
  Twig Arch 100.00
  Iron Bird arch 55.00

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